Our bootstrappers at ALL THINGS MOTORING

Andrew Holloway and Jason Palmary

The bootstrappers in our lives

We often overlook and undervalue the behind the scenes people who are the backbones and pillars of most things we take for granted, with usually only the few faces at the front end of such projects who then get the credit and fame for it.

A perfect example, especially in the world of television shows, movies and the entertainment environment, is the real work that goes into making a show or movie something spectacular.

The focus and purpose of this article is to put these folks in the spotlight and pay homage to their efforts and unseen work, by putting into perspective the time and dedication they diligently spend to make the end result something special.

Having the honour of working in collaboration with the ALL THINGS MOTORING TV Series, I have met two such people, who, without fail, are making huge sacrifices and give their all in making every episode a funfilled high quality production that we have grown attached to and fallen in love with.

In just a very short time span ALL THINGS MOTORING as a TV series, has reached a milestone with four seasons being done already, with Season 5 being scheduled for 30 September 2023.

Andrew Holloway and Jason Palmary are two special human beings, masters of their trade, giving their best when it comes to camera work, both having an eye for a good shot and spending hours to edit and perfect every episode of this funfilled series.
We hardly see and know who these people are, yet, without them there is simply ‘no show’ in the true sense of the word.

They are without doubt the cornerstone of the series and Michael Pashut and the rest of the ALL THINGS MOTORING International team, including myself as a brand ambassador for this platform, can only be proud as we take our hats off to these two brilliantly gifted people for the work and effort they put in, giving us the enjoyment and satisfaction watching one of the best motoring shows currently on TV.

May you two bootstrappers be blessed, we salute you.