Issue 87 - Sept 2019

SA Car Clubs magazine was launched in August 2009 to act as a communication platform for all kinds of car clubs in SA. This sector of the motoring industry has grown exponentially over the past 15 years and brings together men, woman and families from all race groups across all age groups sharing a passion for their cars.

Our readership is passionate about cars, they are people who value family life and make it part of the motoring experience by bringing the family to events over weekends. Our readers enjoy being hands-on, even when working on their cars. They love showing their pride and joy to other enthusiasts while trying to read up about clubs and events that affect their lifestyle.

SA Car Clubs Magazine is unique in that there is no other magazine that serves this target market and it offers advertisers a direct link to a broad bank of readers that are employed or self-employed and has disposable income to invest in their passion for cars.

The Hard Copy Magazine:
Title: Life & Style SA Car Clubs
Cover Price: R29.00
Size: A4 vertical (210mm x 297mm)
Publication cycle: 4 Issues for 2023
Readership: Male dominant (80%), strong family orientation.
The publication has a high pass on rate in the family, at clubs and events. Readers are very loyal and keep back-issues as these are not time bound.
Editorial content: The full aspect of club cars, events and related news snippets covered in a lifestyle manner.
Strong focus on events and happenings associated with different club developments.

The magazine serves as inspiration to readers and showcasing industries that would be able to assist them in getting more involved with their cars.
Distribution: Individual subscribers, classic car clubs, car branded clubs, retailers, pubs/restaurants associated with classic cars and events relating to cars (Kyalami, Swartkop, etc.)

SA Car Clubs is also developing a general reader appeal and introducing classic cars to a younger age group in readership that might not, in the past, have been aware of the structures and events associated with classic cars and car clubs and their lifestyle association.